Upcoming dinner:

Nomad Chef Popup Dinner: Breaking out of the House! (July 24, 2021, Topanga, LA)

Celebrate summer, sparkling conversations with strangers and a tour of the world through a fusion of flavors with the Nomad Chef in Topanga Canyon, LA! Tickets available here.

After nearly 18 months, and a year where we have all had a little too much alone time, the Nomad Chef will be popping up in Topanga (LA)! Please join us for dinner!

We will be serving a several course tasting menu, designed to light up your evening and heat up the conversations you share with other supper club nomads. A fusion of cuisines, bold, salty, spicy and sweet, will be combined to take us on a culinary and transformative journey. As the evening progresses, the strangers you met will become your new friends.

Come prepared to talk about travel, adventures, places you have been or are dreaming of going. Come prepared to laugh, eat, and even dance a little. We are breaking out of isolation and back into social!

We’ll dine facing this wonderful view of the moon and Topanga Hills. And July 24th will be a full moon, a full thunder moon, a moon in Aquarius:

“Your relationship with your emotions might be more complicated, because Moon in Aquarius has a strong need for emotional freedom.” (source: AstroSeek). Let’s enjoy the freedom!

Our tasting menu will include an aperitif and several courses. We look forward to surprising you with the menu. A vegetarian option is always available.

Read more or purchase tickets here.

See the Nomad Chef Facebook Page for more info. Or the Event page.

If you feel like you’d like to host a big dinner somewhere cool, and want the Nomad Chef spirit,  email us.  Just holla’ at us and we’ll listen.

If you want to make sure we include you, just email us! More dates will be sprinkled into the mix very soon! Stay tuned! We sometimes do PRIVATE PARTIES, depending on where we are in the world…

If  you would like to find out more, email us. Or hit us up on social media: Instagram or Facebook.