A little bit of sunshine!

It’s amazing how a little sunshine can make everyone feel so much better. I just spent a few days in my old neighborhood, the Cote d’Azur in the south of France. It was mostly warm and sunny and the beautiful blue sea was mirrored by a clear blue sky. Before I left London we’d had what seemed like weeks of what seemed like early summer so now I feel really spoiled. And talking about spoiled, while I was in Antibes I stayed with an old friend who is a chef and former restauranteur. She is from Corsica and some of her family are Berbers from North Africa. She cooked for me most nights for a week and the flavors were amazing, infused with sunshine. Being cooked for was such a treat. And our mutual love of food led to many plans for adventures in the South of France (a 2 day cooking workshop during the Cannes Film Festival just a few miles away in a lovely villa – let me know if you would like to join us), a dinner in London that she will co-chef with me (10th of May; will be posted here soon) and a Nomad Chef road show to include Napa and San Francisco! So excited!

On the subject of sunshine, we decided to celebrate by having a little early summer dinner here at the Nomad Chef. Please join us for our Nomad Chef: Holland Park Beach Party! on the 21st of April. We’re going to cook food inspired by tropical paradises! And you can practice for summer by wearing a beautiful sarong or wild Hawaiian shorts and shirts.

We have lots of sunny plans for the next few months, and all of them include food. Join our mailing list if you want to be sure of being invited.

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