Creating family

On July 1st I will cook a big meal at the Nomad Chef in honor of my friend who just died. I hope that he and my son will have their own party up there and that we can all share a meal and think of the families we have and the ones we are yet to create.

Getting dressed up!

Oh what a difference a change of costume makes! It is the next best thing to eating something truly delicious, comforting and decadent! I haven’t had any costume parties (fancy dress party in English England) in ages. I think the last one held at the Nomad Chef was a private party where all of the Continue Reading »

A visiting angel

The day before yesterday I received a strange email from someone. I had no idea who she was but I’m used to getting emails from strangers. She said the night before she had helped out at another secret restaurant in London and had had so much fun that she wanted to do it again in Continue Reading »

Cherry Blossom Boogie!

Never in the long, long history (we were 2 years on our last birthday, February 14th!) have we forgotten to post an upcoming dinner on the site! This is reason to break all of the rules! What has been happening here at the Nomad Chef that we can be guilty of such a huge oversight? Continue Reading »

A short story

  If you read this blog regularly, then you will notice that I haven’t been posting here very often lately. Well, there is a good reason for that. I’ve been very busy cooking (loads of private dinners here at the Nomad Chef this winter, in addition to all of the public ones) and editing my Continue Reading »

Thankful at last

Can’t Take No More [Chrissi Poland] from Shelley Taylor on Vimeo. I can’t believe exactly a month has gone by since my last post! I think I have been having too much fun, or else I’ve been very busy cooking – same thing really. Today is Thanksgiving, a special day for foodies and a particularly Continue Reading »

Stranger Love

My temporary mission in life is to travel as much as I can. But because I don’t love traveling, or at least I don’t love being a tourist or taking vacations, I must have objectives, things to accomplish in different places. Moving makes the time pass, and going to new places allows me to grow Continue Reading »