Cherry Blossom Boogie!

Never in the long, long history (we were 2 years on our last birthday, February 14th!) have we forgotten to post an upcoming dinner on the site! This is reason to break all of the rules! What has been happening here at the Nomad Chef that we can be guilty of such a huge oversight? Well, it is a long story… It started one year ago, almost to the day. A road trip that became a year long journey. We took the Nomad Chef on the road… well, I guess I have to say, I took the Nomad Chef on the road. My faithful sous chef (and boyfriend) had no interest in going on the road with our restaurant. And even less interest in participating in the making of a documentary. So, armed with a trusty companion, I made the journey alone. And it was the beginning of Nomad Chef as a pop up restaurant. So much fun to cook in strange places, strange kitchens, for complete strangers. And you can read about the documentary here if you like. It is a separate, but very related project. And the film was finished today! So, it is all the more reason for us to celebrate!

So, if you are stumbling across this page, and wondering when to pop by the Nomad Chef in London, the time is now! Or rather, the 28th of March.

Here is the scoop:

Come help us celebrate everything pink, including cherry blossoms! This will be the Nomad Chef’s 3rd Cherry Blossom Festival dinner, so we are going to really boogie! Sadly our cherry blossom tree has white flowers. That means we decided that we all should dress up in pink! We’ll cook some lovely pink dishes… and maybe we’ll even have pink cocktails!

The dinner, a multi-course meal, will be inspired by Japan, and sprinkled with the fusion of many other flavors. And of course we’ll have a fabulous pudding (or two!). We look forward to welcoming you back if you have dined with us before, and hope that if you haven’t come to the Nomad Chef before that you make this evening your first experience.

A vegetarian option is always available.

£35 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage. Purchase your tickets here.

Having just had our two year old birthday, please forgive us for our terrible twos and tantrums. We really wanted to tell you about this dinner. It has been planned for a couple of weeks. But our inner rebel came out and kind of got control. We are trying to let our inner adult regain the reins. We so appreciate your patronage! And we love having you beautiful strangers, those who are about to become our friends, in our home to share a meal!

See or the Nomad Chef Facebook Page for more info.

Note: The address to the restaurant will be sent out two days before the dinner.