Getting dressed up!

Oh what a difference a change of costume makes! It is the next best thing to eating something truly delicious, comforting and decadent! I haven’t had any costume parties (fancy dress party in English England) in ages. I think the last one held at the Nomad Chef was a private party where all of the girls came dressed as men. It was a blast! But my favorite one was the Mad Men themed dinner and that was ages ago.

I’ve been a little down lately due to some weird virus that attacked my thyroid. I really can’t complain as it helped me lose some of that fat that I picked up in the last few years. All of my girlfriends are jealous and would like the same virus, but apparently it is not contagious. In addition to having lost my appetite and a little weight, I slept nearly all day every day for a few weeks. It was truly delicious but did make me feel a little frustrated… and I missed all of the noise and chaos of my normal life. But most of all I missed meeting strangers who are about to be my new friends. And now suddenly I am very hungry!

So, since everyone in London is getting amped up for the Queen’s celebration I thought it only fair that we have our own excuse to get dressed up. And what better way than combine costume with cooking. The only problem is that there isn’t enough room in our little kitchen for a royal outfit, so what about wearing just the crown? And since we all have a hidden king, queen, princess or prince inside, all the more reason that everyone who comes to dinner on the 6th of June should too wear a crown.

But that is not all. It seems as if London is going to be filled with all kind of lovely strangers for the entire summer, all the way through the Olympics. We are busily thinking of other excuses to dress up (or not), but mostly great dinner themes that will attract great new people (and our lovely loyal new friends). So, I just thought I would share a little of my summer enthusiasm. I am fully prepared (tho not looking forward to to it) to expand my waisttine in honour of our upcoming dinners. So hopefully you will join me!

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