My paranormal event

Unbeknownst to me I was being tested today. I went into The Fish Shop at Kensington Place today to pick up some fish for a red Thai curry I’m making tonight. And for the millionth time I was happy to be a vegetarian! Monkfish for two, £26 ($40)!!! Vegetables are just so much cheaper. But I have a friend coming to dinner tonight and wanted something simple, but delicious.

I handed the young man serving me my card. He hadn’t hurried to wait on me when I came in;  he seemed to be more concerned with running his fingers through his rich head of hair. That was why it was all so surprising – I wouldn’t have guessed the humor waiting to come out. I typed in my PIN and hitting the 2nd number I realized the card processing machine was balanced on a sea of lemons. Between the 1st and 2nd number I did notice that I felt a little wobbly. But it wasn’t me who was wobbling, it was the card machine. I delicately tapped in the last two numbers and turned to the young fish monger. His face lit up! “You’ve passed my carefully constructed test!” He’d purposely balanced the machine on the lemons…

“So you win a…” and he looked around… “a lemon and…” He interrupted himself giving me my winnings and said, “You have to do something to break up a monotonous day.” And went on to explain that this was some kind of test, being able to type in my PIN numbers without knocking the machine and lemons onto the floor. I nearly split my seams laughing! And I was so relieved that on this amazing day of the Paralympics that I was not being asked to pay for my fish standing on one leg or something else this fishmonger/comedian dreamed up. My prize included free herbs. Of course I chose the coriander (cilantro for the American reader), my favorite herb. I couldn’t stop laughing at what I’d stumbled into, someone’s private joke and some free stuff to go with my incredibly expensive fish. Still laughing as I write.

My test today was not anything like an Olympic or Paralympic event. But on a day when I’ve been so inspired by the athletes competing with disabilities that make me feel about as coordinated as a monkfish, it was my paranormal event – and a great reminder of how lucky I am! Also a great reminder of how a wave of happiness can come out of nowhere.

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