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We have been on the road for the last 4 years. We do dinner in random places, wherever we are – sometimes in London (our original home) and in other cities (Sonoma, Half Moon Bay, Topanga Canyon, NYC and other places we love).

Check here or on our home page for dates. Or, email email us! to ask or inspire us to put on another date. We are happy to open for private groups and even just a little nudge of encouragement by way of a question about dates in a certain week might motivate us to add more dates. Just holla’ at us and we’ll listen.

Upcoming dinner dates:

Nomad Chef Popup Dinner: The Dance of Escapism and Nostalgia! (LA) 
(August 8, Los Feliz, a Sunday night!)

You can read more about it here. But the highlights are:
Come out and party with us as if it were 2019! Remember the good old days when we could hang out and hug with abandon? We invite you to join our bubble, an exciting and stimulating group of people who will escape into food, laughter and music. We’ll all be vaccinated and responsible – this is our new normal, and we’re gonna jump right into it!
– Vaccinated only, and we’ll follow all safety requirements!

If you want to make sure we include you, just email us! More dates will be sprinkled into the mix very soon! Stay tuned! Plus we do PRIVATE PARTIES here for birthdays, adventurous work events, or just because you have too many friends to gather in your own house (we seat 24-30).

If  you would like to find out more, leave a comment below or email us. You can also check out the Facebook group: Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant!

52 thoughts on “Dinner Dates

  1. Kate

    Hi Shelley,
    Christmas Eve supper sounds lovely… but also wondering if you had considered a NYE dinner this year…?

  2. Pat Cox

    I have just tried to book online for 21st September and was told it was unavailable. Is that because it is full or has it been cancelled?. I would really like to attend if there are any cancellations. I would also like to attend the next available dinner and especially the ones for singles.
    Please could you let me know of any future events at Nomad Chef.



  3. NomadChefAdmin Post author

    Hi! We have a dinner for singles on the 1st of September and a dinner for everyone and anyone on the 21st of September. There may be another one too, but we’ll put you on the mailing list and will send out dates soon. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Olivia

    hi, just wondering if you have any more dates coming up later this month or in Sept? thanks, Olivia

  5. Abii


    Just found out about this through a friend of mine. Sounds like an amazing concept. Are there any upcoming dinners?


  6. Mel


    Do you have any dinners coming up in April? I am looking for a quirky dining experience for my other half, whose birthday is on 22 April, and was wondering if you have anything coming up around that date?


  7. Gisella

    Hi, I was thinking of taking my boyfriend to one of this events – 11th February would be great! Can you please book me in? (ps good luck with your documentary, keep me posted, i was one of your backers, glad it worked fine!)

  8. Jen

    Hi! My BF is visiting from the States in February and it would be FAB if you were having a dinner on the 15th that we could attend. Any chance there is a dinner that night? Thanks!

  9. Sarah

    Hello, do you have any events scheduled for the weekend of the 27th January? I am looking for something fun for the evening of the 27th January. Thanks!

  10. Steson


    Thank you!! I assume you are able to retrieve the email address I used to leave these comments for further communiqués. Otherwise let me know where I can forward it to you without publishing it publicly.

    Looking forward to the dinner!


  11. NomadChefAdmin Post author

    Well, this is a good excuse for me to organize a dinner on the 25th! Consider it done. Details to follow. Might just take you up on the offer to bring Aussie ingredients… See you soon!

  12. Steson

    Hello! I’m visiting London from Australia for the first time at the end of January and would love to experience a supper club! I note that Wednesdays seem to be the day you prefer but am only in London on a Wednesday on the 25th. Shoot me an email and I may be able to bring some Australian ingredients 🙂

  13. Jennie


    I’ve heard many wonderful things about your supperclub. Please may you add me to your mailing list and are the dates for February or March available?



  14. NomadChefAdmin Post author

    Hi Dora! As of today we don’t have any dinners scheduled for December, but we might sneak one in. We’ll let you know. Otherwise, we go back to a very busy schedule in January and will be posting new dates. Thanks for dropping by.

  15. John


    Like the previous post, have heard great things about your events – a friend has played a gig at one – and would be grateful to be added to the mailing list and hopefully come along soon! Thanks in advance ..

    Kind regards,

  16. Val

    Hi, I have heard great things about your supper club and would love to be added to your mailing list.



  17. Sarah

    Are tickets still available for Sunday? Would love to have a Thanksgiving meal! Haven’t had Thanksgiving in years since I’ve moved to the UK

  18. Fatima

    Hi there

    Please could I also be added to your mailing list? I’ve heard great things about your supper club and as a recently converted supper club attendee (last night was my first…!), I’d love to attend one of your dinners.

    Best Regards,

  19. Aoife Reid


    I’m keen to come to your supperclub on saturday as it looks fantastic…if you still have space?! I know its last minute so i have my fingers crossed that you might have space for five people?

    Look forward to hearing from you



  20. Lois Hastings

    This all sounds very exciting!!
    What is it exactly?? Where do I go??
    How do I join??

  21. Rod Weston

    Hi – Love the sound of what you’re doing – would like to be on your mailing list for forthcoming events /dinners – where abouts are you and how much, how to book etc etc

    Look forward to hearing from you…

    Regards Rod

  22. Ruth

    I have been looking for an excuse to come to your supper club for a while, and now I have one! One of my best friends is getting married this September and we’d like to send her off in style. Would you be able to handle 19 (or so) well-behaved ladies for an evening on 10th September? We’d love it if you could fit us in.

    The bride-to-be works in theatre and is a great foodie. She and several of the guests are part of a baking circle and so this would be right up her street. As I said before we aren’t a raucous group (we’re spending the afternoon putting on a piece of self-penned drama for our hen!). We just like good food and great surroundings.

    All the best,

    I hope you can fit us in on that date. We want to make this evening as memorable and personal as possible. If you can, I look forward to discussing some the details with you in due course.

  23. Lauren Smith

    Hello! I have heard wonderful things about your supper club and also wanted to inquire about the possibility of hosting a pritave gathering. I am hoping to host a dinner for about 20 people on Wednesday the August 10th. Would this be something that you might be interested in hosting? If you could please let me know when you have a chance I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon!


  24. Michelle da Silva

    Hi there!

    I am organising a team night out for Thursday 21st July and your secret supper club sounds amazing! so just wanted to enquire about:

    1) whether you would have enough space for around 23 people (there maybe slightly less!) ?
    2) whether you would be willing to have supper club that evening?
    3) what is the recommended donation per head?

    I suppose we’ll start with the above first and see whether this is even possible!
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

  25. NomadChefAdmin Post author

    Hey Kavey! I’m going to invite you to join the Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant facebook group where you will get notifications of upcoming dinners. And I will add you to our mailing list, such as it is, where from time to time we do send out emails with the next few dinner dates. Thanks for dropping by!

  26. Kavey

    Would love to find out more about your supper clubs… am interested in attending.
    If you have an email mailing list or just some more info you could share with me, would be grateful!

  27. NomadChefAdmin Post author

    Hi! We’ll be putting up dates for May in the next week or so, but should definitely be open on the first and third Wednesday of the month (5th and 19th). If you join the Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant Facebook group you will get the notifications.

  28. Mike Drella


    Myself and a friend would like to visit, but she is out of the country until early May – have you fixed any dates yet?



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