16 June (Wednesday dinner)

Nomad Chef: Juneteenth Day Celebration!

Juneteenth Day is the oldest known celebration commemorating the end of slavery in the US. The Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant, in keeping with its dedication to entertainment and in addition to delighting the senses of taste and smell with American Southern Cuisine, will provide pre dinner hip shaking under the tutelage of the very lovely Rachel Giffin, of Hula Star. We don’t want you to burn off your dinner, because we are very fond of curves and extra padding, but we do want you to have a heightened appetite. What better way to start off the summer than in the garden with a hoop around your hips?

If there is sunshine, part of the meal will be prepared in true American fashion on a BBQ in the garden. If it is raining, we will feast on soul food worthy of Texas or Mississippi and all other Southern states in the US. As a country of immigrants, willing and un-willing, melting pot culture has created a fusion in food. We’re looking forward to sharing some of these treats with you.

The meail will linclude 3 courses plus a pudding.

Vegetarian option is always available.

£30 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage.
£10 addition for wine tasting per adult (wines paired to each course), and 2 glasses of wine.

To purchase your ticket, go to: http://nomadchefjuneteenth16june.eventbrite.com

See Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant Facebook group for more info.

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