2 September (Thursday)

Cooking lessons with the Nomad Chef!

Inspired by the story in 5 Easy Pieces (1970 film with Jack Nicholson) where Robert Dupea gave up his career as a concert pianist and went to work in oil fields, the Nomad Chef celebrates people’s desire to do things differently. The Nomad Chef came from a long line of musicians and then hippie parents, but chose to be a capitalist and entrepreneur. Most recently she has cast off her successful career to cook for people in her home with her French former world champion boxer boyfriend and sous-chef. Everyone can learn to do something they have never done before and this evening’s cooking lesson is for anyone who wants to add something new to their culinary repetoire or for beginning cooks. Participants will learn to cook 5 Easy Things, with spice and creativity!

Once the dinner has been prepared by the participants, we will revert to our restaurant roles and serve all of the guest chefs. The cooking class and dinner can be accompanied by an optional wine tasting, will include an aperitif and 3 course meal, plus a fabulous pudding (or two!).

Weather permitting, we can have our aperitif and even our dinner in the lovely garden.

Vegetarian option is always available.

£30 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage.
£10 addition for wine tasting per adult (wines paired to each course).

To purchase tickets, click here.

See the Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant Facebook group for more info.

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