26 March (Beverly Hills) – Mouths Wide Shut!

Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s film, “Eyes Wide Shut”, the Nomad Chef will be traveling to Beverly Hills to curate a dinner replete with erotic food. Close your eyes and imagine our night long odyssey of fusion food. In true Nomad tradition, we will be spicing up the evening by bringing out some of the Nomad Chef’s favorites from their base station in London. And in true Nomad Chef fashion, we will have live music! Check out David Peters.

Come dressed to suit your inner erotica: men in black ties and women in …stilettos. The rest is up to your imagination. And don’t worry, come alone, with a friend or even with a very special friend. This dinner is all about stimulating conversation among and a culinary adventure.

The dinner will include an aperitif and multi-course meal, plus a fabulous dessert (or two!).

A vegetarian option is always available.

$50 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage. Don’t worry, we’ll be plying you full of cocktails as part of aperitif.

To purchase tickets, click here: http://nomadmouthswideshut26mar.eventbrite.com/

(the address will be sent out two days before the event)
See www.nomadchef.com or the Nomad Chef  Facebook Page for more info.

Remember, Nomads find the best stuff and pass it on. Tell you friends!

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