26 May (Wednesday)

Nomad Chef: Italian Fusion!

Italian food is probably the greatest comfort food in Europe. But the Nomad Chef is going to push Italian cuisine beyond its comfort zone, experimenting with familiar themes and unfamiliar ingredients. This Wednesday evening menu will be in our tradition of food from around the world, but with an emphasis on all that is Italian. The dinner which can be accompanied by an optional wine tasting, will include an aperitif and 3 course meal, plus a fabulous pudding.

Weather permitting, we can have our aperitif in the lovely garden, or at least sneak out there for a fag.

Vegetarian option is always available.

£30 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage.
£10 addition for wine tasting per adult (wines paired to each course).

To book a ticket, go to: http://nomadchefitalianfusion26may.eventbrite.com

2 thoughts on “26 May (Wednesday)

  1. Jeannine

    Looking forward to my second Nomadchef dinner! The last one was not only delicious dining but with terrific dinner companions, too! Simply terrific! J

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