28 November – Thanksgiving late lunch/early dinner!

Only one of the fabulous foods being served!

Nomad Chef: Thanksgiving for family and friends!

Thankgiving in the US is a holiday so we all gather in the afternoon so that we can eat for hours and hours and hours… That is part of the fun. Eating and getting up and wandering around, talking to people, and then sitting back down again for a little nibble. And there are usually little kids running around wreaking havoc. The first Nomad Chef Thanksgiving Dinner is on Thursday the 25, an evening. And that one has already sold out. But 7 pm was just too late for the people with little children, so in order to accomodate the little ones who also need turkey and all of our lovely desserts, we are organizing a second Thanksgiving dinner. And we’ll sprinkle a little fusion in the mix, in keeping with our Nomad tradition.

You do not have to know us to come and feel like part of our family. Thanksgiving in my house was always filled with complete strangers that my mom would bring home when out doing last minute shopping. That was one of the best parts!

The “dinner” (late lunch)  will include an aperitif and 3 course meal, plus several fabulous puddings in true Thanksgiving fashion.

Vegetarian option is always available.

£30 per adult as contribution for food (kids are free) – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage.

Purchase tickets here: http://nomadchefthanksgivinglunch28nov.eventbrite.com

See the Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant Facebook group for more info.

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