4 January – Nomad Chef: Creole Love Call!

In celebration of LOVE and FOOD and MUSIC we are curating an evening of all three to kick the new year off. We are so excited to get back into the swing of it; why not base the theme on one of Duke Ellington’s fabulous melodies with lyrics by Lorraine Feather:

Creole Love Call

A suitcase open on the floor
Of room eleven-eighty-four
Your picture lying by the phone
It’s close to morning and I’m lonely
No one around to care
So I stare at these walls
(for more of the lyrics click here)

I may seem to live out of a suitcase, nomad that I am, but the advantage is all of the new people I meet, including musicians!

At this dinner we will have two new musicians performing for us to welcome in the New Year. Will Knox, a Londoner who lives in New York. He is an alternative/folk songwriter with an emphasis on fingerpicked guitar riffs and image driven lyrics. He has supported the likes of Art Garfunkel, Jamie Hartman (Ben’s Brother), Sami Yusuf and Brendan James.

Alec Gross is an accomplished singer/songwriter in the Indie Alt. Country vein performing and recording original music in New York City and throughout the U.S. Alec’s work has been labeled “Cinematic Americana” for the visual qualities of his music and lyrics.

The dinner, a multi-course meal, will be inspired travel and all things Creole. And of course we’ll have a fabulous pudding (or two!). We look forward to welcoming you back if you have dined with us before, and hope that if you haven’t come to the Nomad Chef before that you make this evening your first experience.

A vegetarian option is always available.

£35 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage.

Purchase tickets here: http://nomadchefcreolelovecall.eventbrite.com/

See the Nomad Chef Facebook Page for more info.

Note: The address to the restaurant will be sent out two days before the dinner.

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