Nomad Chef: Hanami Party! (20 April)

Join us for the first dinner since the Nomad Chef finished her road trip! In honor of cherry blossoms (in our garden and elsewhere) and the flowers springing into beauty throughout London, the Nomad Chef will curate a dinner inspired by the season and its sunshine. With a booming Japanese base, the flavors will riff around traditional Asian flavors and Nomad Chef fusion favorites.

The dinner will include an incredible aperitif, a multi-course meal, plus a fabulous pudding. But as always, a great meal is made up of its constituent parts – the people, the ambiance and the food! Secret suppers are in a category all their own!

A vegetarian option is always available.

To purchase your tickets, click here:

£35 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage.

See or the Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant Facebook group for more info.

Note: The address to the restaurant is sent out two days before the dinner.

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