Nomad Chef: Musical Chairs – 26 October – DINNER

Secret restaurants, or supper clubs as they are sometimes called, are known for attracting a beautiful mix of complete strangers who come to eat and talk to new people. The Nomad Chef is known for providing a tour around the world through cuisine in a single meal. Musical chairs, well… we all know how the game works. So, we’re adding a little sizzle to our normal spicy faire: music that is paired with each course. Yes, there will be a bit of moving around – even more chances to meet new people!


The dinner, a multi-course meal will include a fusion of flavors from around the world. And of course we’ll have a fabulous pudding!We look forward to welcoming you back if you have dined with us before, and hope that if you haven’t come to the Nomad Chef before that you make this evening your first experience.A vegetarian option is always available.

£35 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage.

See the Nomad Chef Facebook Page for more info.

Note: The address to the restaurant will be sent out two days before the dinner.

2 thoughts on “Nomad Chef: Musical Chairs – 26 October – DINNER

  1. adam jacot de boinod

    Do you have any room left tonight?

    If not can I be considered for the 24th November?


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