Nomad Chef Pop-up 2012 – Great Dining Event! JULY 28 2012

Please join us on the 28th of July as we welcome visitors and modern day nomads to the London summer of 2012 events and the Olympics! In honor of visitors from all over the world, and those of us who live here, the Nomad Chef will be popping up in Queen’s Park (London), not all that far from our normal digs in Holland Park.


This large, impressive venue will allow us to create a social dining experience like no other, welcoming more than 150 strangers in true Nomad Chef style.

The venue is only a 30 minute direct train ride from the Olympic Village!

If you are new to London and want to meet others with a love of adventure and great food, a supper club is the very best way to make new friends and have great new experiences.

This will be so much more than a dining event! In keeping with the spirit of the games, we are riffing around the number five:

– a five course tasting menu

– a menu curated from food from 5 continents, a gastronomic round the world menu representing many of the countries that will be competing here this summer

– five incredible live audio experiences, including live music and spoken word!

– an exhibition from five different artists, including everything from photography to one of a kind hats that are incredible pieces of art and worn by British royalty!

Cost: £40 per person as a contribution to food (including a cocktail on arrival). Feel free to bring your own favorite bottle of wine or you can buy it from our bar. And, we always have a vegetarian option.

As ever we’re excited about welcoming you to the Nomad Chef, whether this is your first with us or in London, or if you just love hanging out with us sharing what’s best about life – food and friends.

If you are wondering who we are, the Nomad Chef is a secret restaurant normally located in Holland Park where we host an ever changing group of adventurous, interesting, eclectic food lovers meet to eat food from all over the world, and share stories and artifacts of their lives… in the true Nomad tradition. Although the Nomad Chef is based in London, we love to take our culinary experiences on the road…

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