Nomad Chef: Secret in Seattle Dinner Concert – 13 July!

In honor of the Nomad Chef’s birthplace, this dinner will celebrate the best of Seattle – food and music. You probably thought they, like London, specialize in rain. But it seems that the weather only contributes to creativity.  Alex Berger and Martin Rivas will join us again to help us conjure the spirit of the supper club my grandparents, both Jazz musicians, ran in their house in Seattle in the 30s and 40s, the very same house I was later born in.

Martin Rivas is bringing joy back to music. Blending disparate elements such as ’60s soul with a distinctly modern alt. folk edge to create a sound that is both instantly inviting and exceptionally deep, his songs practically smile at you from the speakers.One blogger said about Martin Rivas: “The latest mastery off Rivas’ album, “Sea of Clouds,” gives listeners the ultimate taste of what happens when a soulful voice, genuine heart, ambitious mind, and natural talent spontaneously combust into a single person.” He is coming to the Nomad Chef just after he performs at Glastonbury. Listen to him here.

If you’ve ever been to a dinner at the Nomad Chef you will probably know of Alex Berger because he often plays at our dinners. Alex recently won the The 10th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best Story Song for the title track from his album ‘Snow Globe’! He will be performing some songs from that album, and some new ones that are yet to be released. Watch him here.

This menu will be inspired by Pike Place Market, one of the best open markets I’ve ever seen. Seafood, seafood, seafood and fresh produce.  We will try to recreate the passion, respect and excitement these North Westerners accord their food. A vegetarian option is always available.

£40 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage.

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