Nomad Chef: Summer of Love Dinner Concert! 25 May, Wednesday!

In celebration of such a summery spring, we’re going to tempt fate by organizing a summer dinner inspired by the 60s! And we’ll pretend like we’re in California! This is the chance to pull out your shredded jeans, headbands and flowery, flowing hippie clothes. We’ll provide the face and body paint!

The summer of love in San Francisco was a time of concerts, incredible music and body painting. At this Nomad Chef dinner we will kee…p our clothes on but we invite you to wear face paint as did loads of naked bodies running around San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park at the Human Be-In. Soon after similar events popped up all over the place. We hope this will be the first of many Nomad Chef summer of love dinners!

The best of all is that this dinner will be the second of our house concerts!

Alex Berger will be playing here at the Nomad Chef! If you read our last newsletter you will know that Alex has just won the The 10th Annual Indpendent Music Awards for Best Story Song for the title track from his album ‘Snow Globe’! He will have signed CDs available for purchase.

Meg Cavanaugh is a singer/songwriter from Dayton OH. She started writing music when she was seventeen and in 2005 moved to NYC. She plays original music in the vein of Norah Jones, with a touch of jazz and bluegrass. After touring the US and the UK, she’s living in London, swinging thru New York, and hitting Ohio whenever she gets a chance. Her new album, ‘The Musketeers Handbook” has recently been released, under the Dayton based label ‘Smiling Handshake Records’. Listen to one of her tracks here. Meg will have CD’s available to purchase as well!

The dinner will include an aperitif and multi-course meal, plus a fabulous pudding.

A vegetarian option is always available.

To purchase tickets, click here:

£40 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage.

See our Facebook page for more info.

Note: The address to the restaurant is sent out two days before the dinner.

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