Nomad Chef: Wining and Dining (dinner!) – 3 June 2014

red-wine-glassDon’t let the title of this dinner fool you! We are literally making the entire dinner about wine.  In honor of the founder of Hand of God Wines, who will be visiting London for only one week, we are pulling out all of the stops. It doesn’t take much for us to have an excuse to throw a dinner, and a vintner in town is a perfect excuse! Please join us in showing Jon how we do dinner parties in London! If we’re lucky he’ll give us a little tasting and may even rock up with a few other winemakers who are in town for the London Wine Fair.

In keeping with the spirit of wine, we’re going to cook with it, talk about it, smell it, taste it and, of course, drink plenty of it. We’ll curate a spicy meal filled with sparkling conversation.

Our four course meal will include an aperitif, starter, main course and pudding.

A vegetarian option is always available.

£35 per adult as contribution for food – you bring your own wine or alcoholic beverage.

Tickets available here.

The address will be sent out two days before the event.

See the Nomad Chef Facebook Page for more info.


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