St Patrick was a Nomad

Our inspiration at the Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant is food and flavors from all over the world. That does not exclude the UK! In fact, London has become the home of some of the best fusion food I have ever found in any city (some of my American friends still refuse to believe that, but it is very true!).  But what is the connection to St Patrick’s Day? We are having a dinner on the 17th, and the only things most of us associate with that date are lots to drink and the color green. Well, we’ve got it covered!

I don’t usually give away the menu before a dinner, but can’t resist telling you a bit of the surprise, which is truly in the spirit of St Pat’s Day. Our aperitif will include Kauffman Vodka, reputedly one of the most expensive vodkas in the world, and certainly my personal favorite! And the green? Well, back by very popular demand is Bruno’s killer guacamole, the likes of which are never seen in London other than here, chez Nomad Chef.

Back to our own roots, the Nomadic spirit. Did you know that Patrick was stolen from his Romano British, well-to-do family and taken into slavery in Ireland? Well, I didn’t (until I looked on Wikipedia). Patrick, later to become a Saint, was an involuntary Nomad. And rather than holding a grudge, later in his life, he responded to the call to return to Ireland to teach the people through the simple image of a shamrock, more about the religion he now held. Although kidnapping and slavery are very bad things, sometimes good things come out of bad things. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to preach.) Like a true Nomad, he took the best of what he found and passed it on!

So much of the food I love comes from places where there has been so much suffering, sometimes slavery and often poverty. Food is not only a necessity, but also a healing balm to a broken spirit. Especially when it is shared among friends. So, there we have it! The link I was looking for to pull the whole evening into coherent clarity.

Whatever your roots, let your inner Nomad come out. If you can’t travel around the world with a luxurious tent, then you can eat the food that has been inspired by travels and get to know strangers, who are really your future friends.

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