Too many cooks in the kitchen?

No such thing! On Monday 26 April, there were 7 or 8 of us secret chefs, some food fans, some friends and a musician, who came together to meet each other and help me, the Nomad Chef, celebrate my birthday. It was fun and fabulous and full of fusion food!

How did we decide what to serve when, and how many courses could be created by the seemingly random but ravishing dishes that accompanied their chefs. It was actually quite simple. Nomad Chef’s sous chef Bruno started us out with his super hot scotch bonnet guacamole, accompanied by the Nomad Chef’s Moroccan tortilla (dried black olives, harissa, potatoes, sweet peas and more). For a little amuse bouche we had guest chef Sherry’s watermelon, citrus and feta cheese salad with mint. Then for our first course we served a Swedish sandwich cake (shrimp, turkey, egg, dill, cream cheese and more) prepared by the Claptonian Arts Club Ayan along with Pia’s Swedish meat balls and beetroot salad. Next course had a bit of an Asian flair, with Beijing savory pancakes (meat and vegetable version) provided by Mama Lan’s Supper Club chef Ning accompanied by a Thai pork, scallion and lemon grass meatball with dipping sauce offered up by our favorite supper club fanatic, Darragh. Then the main course: a little, but friendly battle between the Nomad Chef and newcomer Niko of the Meridian Supper Club. Nomad Chef’s signature cuisine is Mexican and I prepared a Tamal Azteca (vegetarian layered enchilada) while Niko in a similar but Italian theme, served up his lasagna. Finally, for pudding we had Mitty’s Cakes’ flourless, eggless, deep, rich, dark chocolate cake. And there was no shortage of wine and spirits… Wow, that was something!

We were enchanted by singer songwriter Alex Berger who played keyboard and guitar and then regaled with stories from New York, his second home after the UK.

Who ever said there could be too many cooks in the kitchen? We’ll have to do it again. So much fun to meet others with the same passion for food. Thanks everyone for what might have been my most interesting birthday.

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