Wanderlust… finding a new home…

The Nomad Chef left London its HQ almost 3 years ago in search of a new home. First stop was San Felice Circeo in Italy, where we stayed for 3 months. It was amazing – blue sea, forest, farms, and the best fresh vegetables of anywhere. Then Antibes (French Riviera) for a month. And after that, back to Italy to the Italian Riviera, a little town called Cogorno. And then from there (through London of course) to the Hudson River Valley, 45 minutes outside of New York City (Croton-on-Hudson) for a month. Next stop was the West Coast – Hollywood Hills, Palo Alto (where the Nomad Chef grew up) and then Seattle (birthplace of the Nomad Chef), then back to Europe and Italy, Amsterdam, London, Italy, sprinkled with trips to the US. And now we are in the middle of the Sonoma and Napa wine country. It makes sense for a foodie to spend some time here!

We have had a great time! Our first dinner was in Sonoma, and even though we don’t know anyone here it sold out in 4 days. Then we did a little one for Thanksgiving (forgetting that Americans tend to spend the day with family whereas our London “family” is always looking to get in our famous holiday feast!

There is no better way of making new friends in a new country and new neighborhood than to invite a bunch of strangers to dinner!

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