Meet the Press!

13 September 2013
Nice little mention of the Nomad Chef in Harrods, by Isabel Adrian!

17 March 2011
Women’s Debauchery Auxiliary – “Nomad Chef Secret Dinner”
It was by far one of the best meals we had on our vacation but the company was my absolute favorite. READ MORE

5 March 2011
London Foodie: London Supper Club Review – The Nomad Chef
I recently visited Shelley’s supper club in Holland Park. I had heard great reports from other supper club hosts regarding the Nomad Chef, and was pleased to finally meet Shelley and try her cooking. READ MORE

25 January 2011
LeCoolLondon: “Going underground – Supperclubs unearthed”
Tonight she is drawing on some of the repertoire of a former Cuban lover and adding a French touch, with the help of a Francophone boyfriend at the stove. READ MORE

December 2010
Matchbox Magazine: “Come Dine with Me”
Red rugs, colour-rich walls and Gauguin-esque paintings give Nomad Chef’s venue the right credentials for the tropical feast waiting to be served. We start with salt-cod croquettes, fried plantains and black beans, before moving on to a spicy coq au vin…The guests – an eclectic mix including an entertainment lawyer, a painter, a banker and a Viennese student enjoying her first visit to London…READ MORE

1 December 2010
Miss Immy’s London: Nomad Chef
“Nomad Chef is a well established supper club run by a lovely American lady who definitely knows how to ‘do’.” READ MORE

24 September 2010
The Great Date Guide
“Here’s our pick of the best secret supper clubs in London. Perfect for a delicious dinner date with a difference! We love the illicit nature of the supper club, not to mention the fabulous food and wonderful atmosphere that you’ll experience.” READ MORE

1 July 2010
I know this great little place in London…
“Underground home bistro is the illicit love child of Come Dine with Me and Delia Smith. Like a restaurant. But with service. Kind of what the DVD did to cinema. Unable to resist this irreversible trend any longer, we visited The Nomad Chef to see what all the fuss was about.” READ MORE

18 June 2010
Yelp Review
“And boy was the food good! Fusion Mexican and possibly the most delicious home made chocolate cake I’ve ever had.” READ MORE

2 May 2010
Quirky Restaurant Lover: Review of the Nomad Chef Secret Restaurant
“Greeted with “would you like to try a glass of Kauffman vodka?”, and a rather curious looking ‘hush-hush’ guest chef owning the kitchen in the background, it´s hard not to mentally prepare yourself for what delightful culinary delights await ahead.” READ MORE

29 April 2010
Dining from Underground – Love the Food!
“There is a new underground dining-movement taking London by storm and its “Secret Chefs” are experimenting with world cuisine in the privacy of their own homes; or, at times, in a different but still sacred designated space…” READ MORE

31 March 2010
In London: Dining in Secret Thrives
“Have you heard about the “secret supper” rage? Also known as underground restaurants, anti-restaurants, or supper clubs, they are essentially paid dinner parties that (usually) take place in a private home. Notice of upcoming suppers is disseminated by word-of-mouth or via online social media.” READ MORE

4 March 2010
Little Art Book
“A while back an amazing, talented, extremely special friend of ours dreamed of an idea to create a travelling food paradise. He would turn up at any strange kitchen and create miracles, food, fun and laughter.” READ MORE