6 June 2010

Sunday brunch/lunch started at around 1:30. I couldn’t decide in what order to serve the courses or whether to serve everything at once, which is normal in a California style brunch. There was just too much for a single place, so this is how it was served:

Mimosas on arrival, of course, and lime/mint water for the non-drinkers in the garden…. and then:


– Chilaquiles de Frijol Negro (black bean chilaqules with smoke chipotle)
This Mexican standard breakfast food is common in Veracruz (Mexico) and includes black beans, tortillas, chipotle chilis in adobo, crumbled aged feta and alittle grated mild cheddar, served with avocado, salsa, coriander and creme fraiche.

– Ensalada Estilo Topolbampo (Topolo “Ceasar Salad”), inspired by Rick Bayless
Very much like a Caesar salad, but with some hot peppers, lime and pecorino slivers.

Mains (served all at once):

– Sweet corn tamales with parsley creme sauce and/or salsa

– Scrambled eggs with cheese and chorizo or jalapeno peppers (for vegetarians)

– Carmelized onion and cheddar muffins

– Roasted chicken


– Lime pie with mango coulis

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